DVR is mostly a studio project. Music is written, recorded, produced and mastered by me, Olav Christensen. I’m a Dane living in Brooklyn, NY. Occasionally, awesome people collaborate and the music takes on a life on its own.
Style, you ask? I go from electronica weirdness to straight up singer/songwriter stuff in a heartbeat! I try to keep everything separate in neat little boxes but they always seem to get mixed up!

I grew up in Denmark playing the drums. Performing live, in front of an audience, had me wanting more! I started singing. At first, from behind my drum kit. But later, I ditched the drums so I could be out front, right in the faces of the audience. I felt at home and loved the response and, I guess, the attention.

I’ve done my share of touring so these days, I am mostly in the studio.

A few years back, my wife bought me a cheap Strat and I was completely hooked. I now own a few really nice guitars, including a beautiful Baum Verge (Yes, the one in the pictures!) that was handcrafted in Denmark by the amazing Morten Bau. I am fortunate to be a featured artist by Baum Guitars.

My first guitar pedal is long gone but that one pedal propelled me into the amazing world of pedalboards! I own an extensive collection now and I am proud to be featured by Drolo FX

My EP “Down” is written entirely on the guitar and you can actually hear that my limited skills improve somewhat over the course of the 5 songs.

I don’t kid myself though! I am always the first to admit that I suck at guitar! 🙂

There are days when I want to go back and redo the guitar solos on a few of those tracks but what keeps me from doing that, is that I played the best I could at the time and what I played came from the heart. It is honest!